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Industries Served


Hydraulic & Mobile Hydraulics Components - Machining precision components for the manufacturing industry is the foundation of DuPage Machine Products. We specialize in high-volume manufacturing of sleeves, pistons, spools, cages, adaptors and parts for industrial and commercial applications. Serving clients throughout the nation, our largest area of expertise is in hydraulic components. We manufacture all types of hydraulic cartridge valve bodies, including pressure-control, directional, load-holding and solenoid options. DuPage Machine's Engineering group ensures each customized component is manufactured to spec in the most cost-effective way to the customer.


Commercial Automotive Components - DuPage Machine Products has served the transportation industry with a variety of precision components for automotive and transportation applications for a number of years.


Medical - DuPage Machine Products has long been recognized by the industrial world as a leader in precision components, and our expertise has now been sought out by those in the medical industry. As part of the Defense Production Act, DuPage was contracted to produce components for both Ford and GM assembled Ventilators. Over 200,000 Ventilator components have been made and production is still ongoing.


Aerospace - While DuPage Machine Products is traditionally known for our expertise in high-volume output, we are now AS9100 Certified which allows us access into more intricate lower volume aerospace applications. We are one of the few companies with the specialized machinery and knowledge capable of accommodating the specs and tight tolerances required by the aerospace industry. As the experts in precision manufacturing, our customers can rest assured that our consistency, cleanliness and professionalism are at the highest level possible.



Specialty Parts - A variety of precision optical components for recreational and military applications have been quoted and produced on CNC work centers.


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